Thursday, April 17, 2014

Complete Guide To Building A Business With Amazon.

Check out this complete guide to building a business with Amazon.

The guide goes step by step on how to find targeted niches on Amazon and find products and private label suppliers.

It also show real life case scenarios where people make 100,000 every month.

One guy did it in 4 months flat.

Check out the guide here:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Want to rank your local business website?

If your want to rank your website in the local area check out

What does it do?

They will give you a full list of where to index your business online.

How does it look?

There software will analyze your business as well as all the other businesses in your local area in your industry.

The software will then email you a list of all the places your compeition has listed online along with the places your should index your business to rank above them.

Check it out, they offer a free 30day trial.

Want your own videos?

Want your own videos to market with?
Have you looked at current marketing videos on YouTube?
Is there any that your like?
Did you know you can market directly on YouTube simply by uploading videos and click the market YouTube video button.
It's that easy.
Video marketing is a great way to get some exposure.
You know what else it's good for?
Building backlinks to your website.
YouTube is the largest social media website on the web.
It's also one of the largest website on the web.
Google owns it.
Want to build great links to your website?
Make videos.

Want a good way to understand the web.

Data coverage.
If you've covered the web all day you want understand it.
If you want to undertand it.You have to cover it.
What are some good informational points.
Start with Google.
Type in a keyword.
Maybe you type in -how to do a blog.
This is what would show up.
Ads from Google.
Pages from websites underneath.
You would have the website name and the page name afterwords.
This is just a made up website but this is how the web works.
You make a website and then you make a page about a topic you want to share information about.
This is how the web grows.
Website with pages about different keywords or subject matter.
Everything on the web is a website with pages.
If you keep covering data you will cover  websites with web pages.
This is the basic foundation of the web.

Need Sms marketing.

Need Sms marketing? Have you've ever thought about building a mobile data base of subscribers to market to over and over?

When you place a marketing advertisment how muc does it cost you?

Do you think that your subscriber list would read it every time?

What's the most cost efficient marketing exploit online and offline?


Do you think your subscriber list reads every email?

What if they have a flip phone.

With sms messages they receive your 160 character message right on their home screen, whether it's a flip phone or smartphone.

Sms messaging is the most targeted advertising in the world.

Contact me today for a free consultation on sms marketing today.


Work spaces.

Do you work from home?

Ever thought about renting a workspace to work at when you want to get out of the house?

The workspace program is a growing sector of offices that usually stay open 24/7 365. You can go there whenever you want and sit at your desk using the WiFi to hash out your emails or do some research.

How does it cost? I have seen spaces for as little as $250 per month for your own desk to use 24 hours a day with WiFi.

A lot of workspaces offer virtual offices with a secretary to handle inbound calls, they off conference rooms for you to bring clients to when you need a spot for meetings as well as a place to get your mail.

Workspaces are a growing sector around the country for tech employees to have a spot to work.

If you saw it like me people need a spot to go and grab something to drink, plug in their mobile device and get online. 

A growing number of coffee shops are solving this problem with places to sit down and hop online. Not many of them are open 24/7.

This is where workplaces filled the niche. With new technology emerging and the ability to work online many companies may start offering their employees the ability to telecommute. 

This has a paradigm effect on society. 


By cutting down on traffic. More people will work from home or head to their workspace from time to time.
It  broadens the talent pools as well, as more workers can be accessed on a global basis.
Go online to see if they have workspaces in you area.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Need Internet Marketing

If your a business and need internet marketing, here are your steps to glory.

1. You need a website.

Use its user friendly dashboard allows an amateur to build a great quality website.

2. Set up your business on the mapping systems.

Sign up for each one of these services and get the postcard they send in the mail to your business. This will get you on their mapping system. A ton of people use the mapping system like Google Maps to find a local business. This is hyperlocal advertising. The map will show the closest location of a business based on the keywords the user’s types in.
If a user types in restaurant in the map search bar and their down the street, your restaurant will show up right in their vicinity. This can get you a ton of traffic.

Buy into their citation service, they will index your business in all the local search directories. This will get you great backlinks, this is the beginning of your seo.

3. Setup your social media accounts.

GooglePlus: Set up your account with a great branded page. Google Plus allows you to friend over 50 people a day. This can build up your circles fast.

Twitter: Create a nice branded page. Put some money into Twitter and you will get some back. Buy into the Twitter ad campaign and get your account some exposure, it will aggregate your account at the top of the follow section so people follow you. After your add campaign ends Twitter still keeps your account rolling. Give them some money and they will give you some money in return.

Facebook: Setup a Facebook business page and customize it with your branding and logo. This is done by signing up for a regular Facebook account, going to settings and creating a page. From here create a page for your business and customize it with your branding and logo. From here dump blog posts on the Facebook business page. I would also sign up for a Facebook ad campaign. This is done under the same tab you found create business page. You can run your blog posts down a users news feed, you can also set up small ads on the right tool bar of Facebook to drive traffic to your website. Facebook ads work well and I recommend them.

You can sign up for other social media accounts to work your business as well, these are just the three main ones I recommend.

I would also sign up for Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest works well with your blog and photos you put in your blog post.

4. Blog.

Build your blog. Pumping out 5-6 great articles a day can drive a ton of traffic and get a bunch of exposure. Put these articles on all your social media pages. Your blog posts can get back-links from people that want to recommend them. They can also rank in search, if not on Google they can rank on Bing and Yahoo. Blogging is still the best form of online marketing and always will be, it is something that works for your business long term. 

Using the techniques above will set your business up to succeed online.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where the money flows online.

Alexa offers complete ranking of all the top websites online.

You can see the top online sellers in each category.

This allows you to find the best companies in each category.

Check it out.

Best Blog Made From Smartphone.

Have you ever thought about smartphone blogging?

Ever tried it with your phone plugged in and your head phones on?

I noticed with the power cord plugged in or headphones attached this was a work around on my phone to blog.

Ever wondered who the best smartphone blogger was?

Ever wondered who had the best blog made from a smartphone?

I recently took a look at the keywords best smartphone blogger and best smartphone blog in a smartphone Google search.

Here is what I came up with.

I don't know how many blogs are being written using a smartphone....

I can't find anything on it.

All the websites that are populated in online search are about the best smartphones to blog with and the best mobile apps to use for blogging.

What were the best smartphones to use for blogging?

Depending on what company you use iPhone was a popular blogging phone. The Samsung Note and Samsung S3 won out as best phones for the Android platform.

What were the best mobile apps to blog on?

WordPress was voted the best. IBlogger came in second and Blogger came in third.

WordPress seems to be the the best app to layout photos and place blog text around.

This blog is on Blogger.

 As you can see the photos are on the bottom. I like screen shots.

 You ever seen mobile screenshots on a blog?

This was about all the knowledge I could find through searching keywords like best smartphone blog.

I'm assuming that some popular blogs could be written on a smartphone.

 Seth Godin might be one of the best smartphone bloggers in the world.

Just because his blog would be easy to update from a smartphone.

I just some more keyword research.

Who is the best smartphone blogger.

What blogs were written on a smartphone.

Who has the best blog written on a smartphone.

Blog written by a smartphone.

These are keywords I searched for to find someone who blogged on a smartphone. Or information as such.

I could find nothing on this subject matter.

How To Start Your Own Mobile Website Business.

If you want to be an entrepreneur in the mobile arena and have your own business.
Why not start your own mobile website company?

How does it work?

Simply by going online and searching for mobile website companies online that offer a private label agency plan. A lot of mobile website companies do.


They want other internet marketing agencies to use their mobile website platform to build mobile websites for their clients.

This equals more websites being built on their platform which equals more money.

What do they usually offer?  A cloud based login that allows you to login and build a drag and drop mobile website.

This could be a good idea for new entrepreneurs to start their own business.

Sell mobile website to local businesses.

The mobile industry is booming with everyone using smartphones.

Local businesses need a mobile version of their website.

You could look for a local business that needs to make their website mobile, call them and install a mobile version of their site. 

I have seen resellers sell the mobile website from anywhere around $300 - $1,000 up front for design and installation of the mobile website.  And $15 to $100 bucks a month for hosting. 

Selling mobile websites isn't a bad idea. Consider this, how many websites do you look at that aren't mobile. If they are not mobile they are hard too view. 

A lot of people search online using their smartphone, being there with a mobile version of the website is a great way for people to navigate the website.

To become a mobile website reseller simply Google mobile website, open a mobile website companies website and contact them regarding a reseller option.
They will set you up with a monthly plan for you to buy into thier platform and sell mobile sites for a higher cost and make money of them.

Duda Mobile offers a mobile website reseller program for $200 bucks to get into the program and 6$ a month for each mobile website you build on their platform.

If you charge $300 set up fee and $30 a month to host. You only spend $6 for the site after charging $300 to setup, you make $294 off each website.

Sell 5 mobile websites per month and you could make close to $1500 per month.

Most of the web is under developed and many of the websites are not mobile.

You could fix this problem by building mobile websites for online website owners that don't have a smartphone or tablet version.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Google Maps

Do you need directions?

Do you use Google maps?

If you've look through the mobile app market their is only one real map.

Did you know that Google maps is an app?

If you have ever used it, it comes with an icon that relays your exact location as you move. Ever thought about Google watching you?

They could do this to everyone that has the app on their mobile device.

Ever thought about watching 3 billion icons moving around on the world  globe.

That's a lot of people to watch move around and track.

Google maps is a layered mapping system that works on the smartphone and allows you to see the location of close attractions.

It populates local businesses, local parks, schools and other area amusements.

The mobile app map also shows you the quickest route to a destination with real live traffic updates.

What does the map not show?

The quickest way back to my car.

The quickest way back to my house.

If you got it like me they missed these very important steps.

Own a business?

Maybe you should be on Google maps.

Google maps is hyper local advertising if your not doing it.

People can GPS a grocery store and the nearest grocery store will show up.

Did you know that you can make your own list on Google maps to show all the grocery stores in the world.

What if they started a social media company where you could find everyones icons on the map?

Google maps is the most advanced mapping technology in the world.

What would we do without a digital map and a smartphone?

Do you think that Google is the new Atlas of the world by creating the first digital map that shows and tracks your location?

The map is an amazing feet of technological mapping ingenuity.

The app works on the phone and shows how to locate locations to the closest geo precision radius of your movement as you walk down the street with the phone in your hands.

How do you think they made Google maps?

If you got it like me it's just an app.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Speed reading app.

Ever thought of speed reading?
If you haven't tried speed reading this is how it is working.
The app isolates the words onto the page one word at a time.
It then flashes single words at a word per minute pace.
If it flashes a thousand words per minute what would happen?
You would be reading at thousand word per minute pace.
That is a fast pace.
How fast does the average person read?
100-200 words per minute.
Why use a speed reading app? To read at a higher pace when you sit down to read normally.
What's the name of a good speed reading app?
Speed Reader

What Does Google Want?

Ever thought about what Google wanted?

Look at what Google uses to index content.

1. Web

Obviously to show up here you need a website or a blog.
I would do both.

This is the centerpiece of their search engine.
Google wants content to showcase under this button.
It is easier than you think to build for this category.

Make content.

You have a camera, video camera, audio recording, keyboard, and mobile apps that allow you to draw to make content with your mobile device.

 If you build and format well, you will make good content.

With people typing in sentences into the search bar, this give you a chance to rank anyway and find traffic.

Ever heard of the word long tail keywords.

People will dump anything into search bar.

Paragraphs, whole typed out pages, anything to find out whats going on their mind and if they can find information online for it.

Maybe you will rank for it.

2. News

Here is Google's news, button it aggregates all the data.
Google also includes its news feeds in search results.

Want to release your own news?

Sites included in Google News should offer timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to our audience. We generally do not include how-to articles, advice columns, job postings, or strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data.
If your site publishes original, timely reporting — even if it’s just a percentage of the overall content provided — you may be eligible to participate in Google News.

What Kind Of Content Is Eligible To Participate?
According to Google, news can come in many forms. Of course, text-based articles from news sites are highly encouraged, but Google News is not limited to that. I’ve seen image gallery slideshows and even video pages be indexed in Google News.
And the content need not come only from national, regional or local news sources. Google also accepts blogs, satire, even press release sites into Google News.
However, please note that you shouldn’t bother with content such as news round-ups, news briefs, letters to the editor, opinion pieces, etc. None of that is really focused, high-quality news, is it?

You can apply to be in Google the news site. Go here.

3. Images

If you want to get your images in Google images.

Just label your images under the keywords you want them to associate with.

Ever thought about getting clicks to your website by having them click on an image?

4. Shopping

If you want to show up under shopping just start an eCommerce website and submit your products to their shopping network. If you need products just become a partner or re-seller of a business and sell their products online, or create your own.

5. Maps

Want to show up on Google maps?

Just submit your business to Google maps.

6. Videos

Want your videos to show up in Google?
Just upload them to

7. Books

Why not write a ebook? Google has its own line of mobile products that allow you to read on the go.
There Android operating devices are are a similar size to books.

Just write a book, export it to a PDF, make a cover and upload it to Google books.

8. Flights

Want to start your own travel agency?

You can become a reseller of your own company.


Become an affiliate of Expedia.
They allow you to book fights under your brand through their back door dashboard.

You can also check out Online Agency. They offer you a whole program to become your own travel agent.
They will set you up with your own website and contacts.

9. Apps

I have written extensively about doing your own mobile apps?

Get an app designed by an app developer or design your own.

Use a web app platform to design your own.

Bizness apps is a decent platform.

Or use a developer you find online or on a freelance site like oDesk to get an app developed for the Android platform.

If you got it like me, Google is always looking to provide new and better content.

The more interactive the better.

It has never been easier to make content.

If you look at the top right of Google, their is share button for you to share anything you find. This gives people another opportunity to find your content streaming down your Google Plus social media profile.
Who knows how deep people will go into Google to find things.

Why not give Google what it wants?


Free Website Builders

Need a free website?

With websites being easier than ever to build, why not try building your own.

Below is a list of free website builders, only thing that will cost is your domain name.


Go to to find free themes to use. Wordpress offers an easy to use website builder to make a great website. If you look at most of the websites online today, using Wordpress will set you apart.


Wix comes with a nice aesthetically semi easy to use website builder.
If you want a website that stands out, use Wix.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Get More Twitter Followers.

Do you have a Twitter account?

Want more followers?

A while back I started a Twitter account and was weirded out about not getting any followers.

I got sick of friending them on Twitter.

I shared all types of content but nobody was following.

I was down in a deep dark black web hole.

Until I did one thing. I gave Twitter some money.

I paid $20 to start Twitter marketing and get more followers. While the campaign went ok and I started building a following, the money quickly ran out.

What happened after the campaign ended?


Until a couple days later I noticed  on my phone's news feed I was still getting followers every day.

This wasn't happening before.

So I came to the conclusion that if I give Twitter money they would keep giving me followers. The more money I give Twitter the more noticeable they would make my account.

Why build your Twitter following?

When I first started messing with internet marketing I didnt quite understand why I would build a social media following.

You'd be suprised how they hide the industry and make it highly technical in your mind.

In reality all you need is a perceptional shift.

Online you want something that goes up and you keep building. This thing you build works for you 24/7 over and over.

It's the same with Twitter, you keep building your following and you share to your following over and over. If you have a large following and you want to showcase a link you can drive tons a traffic to that link. This is not a one time deal. This is why building a Twitter following and a social media following is so lucrative. It can bring something mass exposure in heart beat.

A while back I built a Twitter account called @WorldDailyDeals.
I have over 300,000 followers with this account and growing. If I want to share an affiliate deal I can get tons of clicks at will.
I can also make money at will with this account just by sharing a lucrative affiliate deal. I can do this everyday, I can do this every hour even.

This system works over and over.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Watch Live Tv On Your Phone.

Want to watch live tv on your phone?
(Needs WiFi)
Sick of stupid apps that claim that you can watch live tv on your phone but don't work?
I found the Space Viz App while searching around in the app market, it didn't have many downloads.
It said it had just over a 1000 downloads with hardly any reviews. Some of the reviews were bad but I did find that the developer responded to those bad reviews which means they want to take the initiative to make the app work.
After I looked through app in the app market I opened the app to mess around with it and found it didn't look that great upon loading.
When it loaded I found it had a bunch of channels integrated in.
I started clicking through and opening the channels to watch tv and found that they came in clear as day with no lagging.
I watched a whole tv show without any problems.
If you want to watch local tv, sports channels and movies on your phone this app will work perfectly for you.
If your looking to watch tv and movies on your phone check out the Space Viz app.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Content Marketing Vs. SEO

Have you ever heard the term SEO?

Many people think about it and leave it to the internet marketing pros to handle it.

Many people think it's way out of the mind range to understand it.

It's too technical.

Well I'm am here to tell you it nots that technical and there are web pros out there claryfing.l what it is and succeeding on the web in ways you can deliberate and handle yourself.

How are they doing SEO now?

By building content.

To rank a website you need backlinks and there are people doing it with great content.

There our companies that skipped all manual labor of going through the web and attempting to place links back to there website for Google to crawl.

Google uses links from high ranking websites to certify your online presence and claryfy if your worth ranking.

So how did these companies win out so big by not building any backlinks?

They built zero backlinks.

So how do they succeed.

By giving Google what it wants.

How does the web grow?

By giving it content media.

So how do new startups win big?

These 3 types of content can make a world of difference.

1. Video
2. Blog content
3. Infographics

These are 3 types of superior content.

How do they get links and get recognized in Google search results?

By sharing on social media.

If you are constantly sharing on social media with new content you get the following signals  to show Google your there.

3. Backlinks

People who see your content will "Like it", "Share it", and link back to it.

If you build great content people will link to it. This will give you all the backlinks you need.

If you build enough content you will begin to rank it as well.

Not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo as well.

So if want to start getting exposure online, give the web want it wants, growth.

Start building content today.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

BillBoard Advertising - Adstruc

Want to do outdoor advertising?

If you looked around your local area you would probably see signs, benches, and billboards with a phone number below for you to call if you wanted to place your own ad there.

Did you know there is an  easier way?

If you thought about it, software is taking over businesses everywhere.

If you didn't think about it, one thing you should know is that technology is progressing rapidly and innovative software is constantly emerging.

This is software that you can use to integrate and manage your business.

I am always looking for new software.

A while back I came across a cool online software for managing outdoor advertising.

Being a mobile marketing guru I am always looking for ways to integrate printed advertising with mobile technology to make that advertising interactive with a mobile device.

You would integrate a SMS, MMS, or Qr code to make that piece of digital print interactive.

I call it interactive advertising.

What does Adtsruc do?

Adtsruc is online platform that provides a map of all the local places to advertise offline.

You simply find an location you want to advertise at, bid on the location and then place an ad there.

They also provide you with ad developers so the whole process of designing a nice big billboard ad is taken care through the Adstruc design network.

How much does Billboard advertising cost? 

Billboard advertising comes in many shapes and sizes, so prices vary. The two biggest factors are timing and location.


High traffic billboards come with a higher price tag, but they reach a large percentage of a market's population every day.


Summer and the winter holidays are peak seasons for billboards — costs increase as bookings fill up. Additionally, billboards are most often sold on a 4 week basis. 

Typical cost for a billboard?

$500 - $20,000 per month.

If your advertising in a small town, a billboard might not cost that much.

If you are advertising in the heart of New York City, it's going to cost you a pretty penny to get your ad placed there.

What other types of advertising is available through Adtsruc?

Check out this video on Adtsruc.

If you want way to easily find and place an outdoor ads, check out

How To Write Your Own eBook And Market It Online.

Have you ever thought about writing your own ebooks to publish online?

The mobile device revolution is here and people are changing in their printed books for digital ones.

They are reading on their mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are still new and are beginning to saturate the market place.

People are slowly moving over to read on their mobile devices.

Do you know what else is happening?

There are free publishing platforms that allow you to publish your book free of charge and make money off the book every-time someone buys your books.

This makes it easier than ever to become your own self published author.

I have seen people go from their boring day job to publishing their own ebooks and making a full time income doing so.

How to you get started writing your own book?

1. Write your own ebook.

Pull open your Microsoft word and get started writing.

Don't know what to write about?

Here are some ideas....

Pull open Google keyword tool and find out what people are searching for.
If there are a ton of searches for certain keywords, write a ebook about those keywords with those keywords in the title of the book. There are a ton of searches for "How To" books.
Write a "How To" book. I have seen people gather information from the "Dummies" website, you could write a 15-20 pg. book and make money off it by publishing it in online ebook distributors.

There are no shortage of ideas if you look at all the people typing in keywords on Google. If you got it like me they want information based on those keywords. Instead of formatting that information into an article on a website, you can format it into a ebook.

Write a story book.

Start with a title and write a story. You don't have to finish it in a day. Write off and on. It doesn't have to be perfectly written and we can find someone to edit for you. Meander on and on, the more you write the better and more efficient you become. If you got it like me there are authors that rise way over $100 million in net-worth just by writing stories that people can get lost in. Its never been easier to become your own author and make a living with it by publishing online.

How hard is it to write a 10 pg. story book?

Not that hard...

You need a book cover. Amazon Kindle has it own cover creator, create one on their if you want a decent cover.

Where else can you get your own book cover?

Hire someone off one of the sites below.

4. Find a graphic designer in your local area to do it.

You can look for ebook cover designs online, the cheapest one I found was $150 for a custom cover.
You can do a web search for ebook cover designers or you can find a skilled graphic design artist to make your cover for less.

You can find someone off Fiverr for $25 to do it. Just provide them with enough details and designs to go on.

2. Pay someone to write a book to publish under your name.

This is no problem, and here is how you do it.

I would use a freelance site or writers website to find a writer and have them write a book for me.
If you find someone good hang onto them, save their profile to Evernote or something.

I have paid someone $50 for a 15 pg. ebook. This is super easy to do.
He was from a different country. While it looked like he put a ton if time and effort into the book, the cover design wasn't that great and the book was highly technically written. This means it want exactly as i wanted. I still used the material...

Finding a good writer that you can keep busy and publish their material under your name can make you wealthy.

Find one.

Here are some sites you can use to find a writer to write for you.


You also want someone to edit your ebook. Find someone off the sites above to edit it for you as well.

After you have your book written and all ready to go, what do you do?

You publish online!

What are some of the top places to publish your own ebook?

Below are 21 places to distribute your ebook and make money from them.

Get out an Excel file and keep track of all your login in details and passwords.

I would even create a new email through Gmail specifically for your online book sales and correspondence.

The next question is what will you sell your book for. You can tamper with price from time to time.
I ussually delegate it like this, and maybe im wrong.

I'm not going to sell a 10 pg. book for $10.

I might sell it anywhere from 99 cents to $2.00 at the most.

If it was a 200 page book, you could sell it for $5.99

This is a talented process, just because you have the book priced for more does not mean you will sell more ebooks. So go with that.

I would also check other books in my niche.

How much do they sell their books for?

How many pages are in their books?

1. Kindle Publishing Platform

2. Google Books




















After you have all your accounts filled out and your ebooks uploaded you need to create some exposure and traffic outside of the online ebook distribution networks.

Here is my method.

Develop a blog to get some exposure for your ebook.

Remember when I said it comes down to finding and harnessing information. If people are using keywords to find information, get them to your blog and then push them to buy your book for more complete information.

I would develop a blog titled with keywords related to the niche you are targeting with your books.

From here I would develop 3-5 YouTube videos and 10-20 blog posts outlining  and promoting the ebook.

Promote the book on your blog with articles linking to the book in one of the ebook publishing markets listed above.

I would use Kindle Publishing Platform.


Because Amazon has its own ad network similar to Google Adsense or Facebook ads.

Amazon's ad network will promote your ebook across its ad network if someone comes across it. This is because Amazon wants people to come back to their website and make a purchase, like your ebook.

What else do you need to do?

Open social media accounts specifically oriented towards your ebook.

Open these social media accounts and build a friend list.

1. Create a Twitter profile.
2. Create a Facebook business page under your regular Facebook account.
3. Create a Google Plus business page under your Google Plus account.
4. Make a Linked-In account.
5. Create a Tumblr account.
6. Create a StumbleUpon account.
7. Create a YouTube account and channel to promote your ebook.

Utilize these social media platforms to promote your ebook.

While people don't really know how to use social media just do this.

Keep your blog updated with new content from time to time.

Keep Friending on your social media profiles.

This will get your exposure.

If you want to take it a step further, utilize Facebook's advertising program, YouTube advertising, Linkedin advertising, Twitter advertising, Amazons advertising program and any other online advertising program that you can promote you ebook with.

I have noticed that Amazon's product profiles easily, and seamlessly integrate with Facebook's ad program for easy promotion.

This should help you get your ebook distributed.

If you do well with your ebooks sales, refine the process and your niche targeting.

You should have not problem uping the ante and writing and selling more ebooks.

This is a system that works on auto-pilot.

This means you can post up on an island and collect.

You money just rolls in from online ebook distribution channels and deposits into your bank account.

Ebook writing and marketing is going to make people wealthy.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Best blogging app?

If you want to blog on smartphone the best two apps I could find in the app market were WordPress and Blogger.

There a couple other apps I check out but they were just similiar knockoffs.

Worpress seems to be the best overall app. It allows you to add photos throughout the posts. With Blogger the photos only seems to show up at the bottom.

The WordPress app also comes with other integrative features and functions like quick photo and video capture that allow you to easily make a blog post out of it.

What are NFC tags?

Nfc tags are a small device that look like square sticker that can relay information from the sticker to your smartphone.

Nfc tags cost about $10 for a pack of five.

You can get them at Sprint.

Not all smartphones are equipped for nfc tags as of right now. 

There are many that are.

Most of the newer model Androids come equipped with nfc interaction, the iPhone does not.

Rumors are it will happen soon though.

If you check out the Sprint in-store sales models for new model phones you will see that they include 3 promo - deck relays to help you learn more about the phones.

1. NFC tags
2. Sms campaign
3. Qr Code

If you got it like me why not use one of these 3 multimedia relays and market to the multimedia player in your hand.

Sprint went right to showcasing the device relays.

NFC tags come with a mobile app.

This is to program the nfc tags.

If you don't want to check the ones out at Sprint, I would take a look at some of the ones online. This is a new untapped market. Some NFC tag manufacturers will help you design your own custom NFC tag.

Would I start implementing NFC tags in business marketing?


It's all about location, location.

It always about convience of the tap.

Placing the nfc tag in the proper location to get device interaction. Is key.

People want to use there phones, they want special deals on businesses.

Whoever made the device relays put them in a sort of techological order.

Qr codes

SMS messages

MMS messages

NFC tags

This means NFC tags are the next evolution of their phone.

Why not try testing NFC tags out yourself they are not very expensive and can programmed from your phone.

What can the nfc tags be programmed to do?

1. Turn mobile apps on and off.
2. Turn of airplane mode.
3. Turn the radio on.
4. Turn GPS on.
5. Relay a multmedia message, promotion or coupon.
6. Turn on WiFi or mobile data usage.
7. Open up your email client.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Buy apps, rebuild them and then sell them.

Do you want your own app collection?

Do you know you can you buy your own mobile applications and resell them under a different brand or label?

Do you know there are websites that allow you to buy mobile apps and change them to become new mobile apps?

It called reskinning the application.

You can buy them and rebrand them.

The cost ranges from $1,000 to $25,000 on up.

 You can buy applications right out of the app market.

 Check out

Hacker Tutorials In The Google Play Market.

Have you looked through the book and reference section of the Google Play market?

There are two book apps that popped out at me that were ranking in that section of the mobile app market.

Hacker tutorials. Take a look at the screen shot below.

The apps show you how to hack WiFi as well as install Trojans.

They take you step by step from being a beginner hacker to advanced hacking techniques used by some of the best hackers out there.

Type Hacking tutorials into the app market today.

If you dare...

Craigslist Mobile App

Do you ever look through Craigslist?

You can do a whole host of things with it too find people, know people and make money.

I use the Craigslist mobile app from time to time, it comes with the option to take photos and post items for sale. You can look through almost all the categories that are online through their mobile app.

The mobile app is very simple in design and works sufficiently.

You can browse through jobs by city and state.

If you want to get your business out there you can post on the service offering section.

There are all types of funny things you can do with Craigslist. I have seen people look through the free section, pick up the items and then resale them on Craigslist under the paid section. I have seen people ride through alleyways in wealthier neighborshoods and find items to sell on Craigslist, they make a full time income doing this.

Under the gigs section you can find people who need projects done, I like to explore this section from time time as I find people that pay me through Paypal to complete web projects for them.

One time I found a person that just wanted to learn about the web. This was a fun project for me as I had them sign an NDA so I could show them cool trade secrets and ways to get ahead online and build. This type of information took me years to learn. You'd be suprised how hard it is to find honest real resources to help you learn about making money online.

Most people use Craigslist to find an apartment, after looking through apartments finders online. I have found the Craigslist does the job better than most as their postings are listed by real people and not maintained by middle men. Check out the Hotpads mobile app if you need another apartment finding resource.

I have sold quite a few things on Craiglist, it works better than the pawn shop. Typically if you have a wanted item to sell you will have 1-3 day turn a round to get rid of it. I had an old Apple computer that I sold for $100. The pawn shop would have gave me $30.

Another cool thing you can do is trade or barter. Trade one of your items for an item being sold on Craiglist. You can barter. This is where you trade a service you offer for something you want. For example, I have traded a mobile website and hosting for one year for a brand new set of tires. I would typically charge $300 for new mobile website setup and integration. If people needed a new set of tires they had GPS to the tire location. I'm sure their business made $300 back out of convience alone.

Ever looked at the job listings on Craigslist? If you want to post a job its free in most cities and cost $25 to post a job in the larger metropolitan areas.
I found some decent jobs on Craigslit but I am thinking the new tech industry needs to come around and business owners need to understand how to source innovative products from the web. I have seen so many dead end jobs because the business owner didn't know how to grow and innovate on their business. Do your research.

In Colorado people sell drugs on Craigslist. Just use the search bar and type in the name of the drug you want. Pills, weed, coke, codeine syrup, and liquor. A lot of these people will either deliver or mail you the items. The marijuana delivery niche on Craigslist is a booming section.

Ever thought of meeting people through Craiglist? I have made a decent network by finding local web entrepenuers through Craiglist. Try it, you shouldn't have a problem finding like minded people to partner up with.

Check out the Craigslist mobile app today.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ever tried blogging while on the treadmill?

If your like me your always looking to get a little exercise in.

Why not try blogging while walking on the treadmill?

3.5 mph is a good blogging and walking speed for me.

Get some good posts headlines lined up and fall into 2 hours of walking while blogging.

Time goes by in a snap.

Have you seen the treadmills with a computer built in above the handlebars?

Check out the ones below.

Why not include one in your home office.

If you they included these in every office, we might have a more productive and fitter America.

If you want one head over to

SMS Marketing.

Do you like sms marketing?

Have you ever used it?

It's a text message that gets sent to your phone.

You can send mass sms message with it.

What are some ways you could use it?

You could send everyone a message.

How fun would that be?

Sms is a great, right.

Do you read your text messages.

The smartphone is the ultimate multimedia device.

Are you going to use it for multimedia?

Do you know what MMS is?

Multimedia Messaging System

It's similiar to sms but uses multimedia.

Ever tried it.

I have and its better.

So try it.

Tinder - Want to meet your next spouse?

If you got it like me people are always attempting to meet people of the opposite sex.

Ever thought of finding and connecting with them though your mobile device?

It's a little bit different than meeting someone at the grocery store, bar or gym.

I found an app called Tinder.

My friend showed me it.

He travels around on business and he meets women through Tinder from time to time.

He just turned 30. Think he will find his first wife.

The app is easy to use. It automatically aggregates men or women in your local area and you choose yes or no if you like them.

If you like them and they match with you, you can start a chat.

It's one of the most easy to use people connecting apps I have run across.

In my opinion with a good enough photo it would be no problem making 10-20 friends a week through Tinder.

I don't know how many people my friend has hooked up with, but he hasn't put the app down.

If you want to meet new locals.

Check out Tinder.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Smash Hit

Ever played Smash Hit?

It just hit the top of Google Play market for app games.

It's a pretty cool game.

You have to smash through glass with metal balls.

It's simple yet elusive. 

I don't play many app games, this one will get some game time.

Check it out and post your high score if you want to.

Do You Use Google Now?

Do you use Google Now?

It shows up under the Google Search bar widget app.

It pulls up the weather, stocks, nearby events, nearby restaurants, and news underneath your search bar.

Do I like it?

It's ok to me but it could be better.

It doesn't let me aggregate all the news feeds I want. I'd think it could really take off if it aggregated news and info based on what I am searching for.

I'd also like it to populate coupons based on local businesses I look at on my smartphone.  If I'm searching for local businesses on my smartphone, there is a good chance I'm going to connect with a business in that industry.

So send me some coupons.

Ever thought about being in a collective?

Have you ever thought about being in a collective?

Its different from a cug or a friendship group.

A collective could include your competition or even your arch nemesis. It includes friends and people in your network. 

These are people that know you that think with you. If you want a psychic change have you ever thought about meeting new people to explore new ideas, new thought patterns, and new energies. If your depressed maybe you need to grow your collective by connecting with people that are always up beat and excited about new possibilities. If you can go deep enough in a new idea, your focus shifts to that idea and away from your depression.

Ever wish you had a better collective?

Here are some steps to improve your collective.

1. Find a local group that's interested in the same things you are. You can do this by using Meetup or Craiglist.

2. Find forums online of people who are talking about things you want to talk about.

3. Use social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In to join groups and grow discussions.

4. Comment on articles and spark debates. If it is a good enough debate it will keep you thinking all day. You can always connect with the people in the debate on social media to keep the debate going and share information. This will grow your collective. Some people make friends for life offline.

5. Look in the local newspapers and magazines for seminars, group meetings, classes and other places to meet new people and network.

6. Get a job. Get a job doing something you have never did before. This will get you involved with people you have never met before. Maybe someone will spark your mind and improve your collective. I have met people that were so deep in God and so tolerable of there co-workers they improved my outlook on life.

7. Join a local sports league. You could join a frisbee, basketball, or volleyball group. Try billiards, darts or ping pong. There are always people looking for more groups and partners.

If you search around your local area for people, I have met people at coffee shops, I have met people by inquiring with their business through there contact form and scheduling a meeting with them.

If your looking to grow your collective and improve your thinking try some of the above techniques.

Familiar Faces Media Content - From Google Play

Have you ever heard searched throught the familiar faces part of the Google Play app market?

It's a list of all the favorite media content in the Google Play market that your friends on Google plus have favorited.

If your want to know what apps, books and movies your friends are watching check out the familiar faces section of the app market.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ever thought of a psychic boom? Just wait for the web to reach the rest of the world.

Do you realize that Google and Facebook have just released there own projects to bring internet to the rest of the world.

Google Web Balloons and Facebook web drones.

You know that only half the world has the internet as of this writing.

You know that some places that have the internet it is still shoddy.

I heard New Zealand doesn't have that great of connection.

You know that we are going to space in the next five years, specifically Mars.

Will we have internet out there?

The reason their will be psychic boom is the rest of the world will connect with the rest of the world which will connect us all together.

Do you know what goes on in some countries? Their cannibals.

Some countries are corrupt.

Google wants balloons and Facebook wants drones.

You how fast the data speeds of Google Balloons is? 3gs.

You know how fast the web speeds of a Facebook drone is? 1g.

This is after online research based on media articles.

Facebook drones will stay up for five years and Google Balloons will stay up for 100 days?

You think other countries want these device flying over their skies?

With so many people getting online what part of the web will explode in growth more? Can you imagine the web doubling in size.

What about people going to mars. How do you think we will connect people planet to planet.

If your smart you can size yourself into this situation.

You think people will connect cell towers planet to planet?

What other devices.or.floating craft can we use to connect people.

How about floating a connection in space, planet to planet?

If you can figure out a better idea, I'm sure someone will

It's just drone and balloons....

Social Media. What is it?

Have you ever thought about social media and couldnt figure out what it is was?

Take a look at the screen shot below of the Google Plus social media platform.

What do you think is does? 

What if you created something similar to the web design below with your own graphics and branding? 

You would only have to create one and duplicate it.

From here you would just let everyone use one.

This would be your own social media platform.

If you think about it, there a bunch of social media platforms with similar features like events calendar (, sms messaging (what's app), news feed, photo sharing (Flickr), location (foursquare).

If you got it like me all you would need is one system that taps the smartphone?

All you need is one design that everyone wants.

Robots and Space? Get ready...

Have you considered outerspace and robots? With the recent Pr release from Google's robotics center, robots will be smarter than us by the year 2029.

Ever thought about what that will do for space travel?

I could day dream for hours at what this could mean.

Want to go through some outlying possibilities?

Here is my list of what robots will do for me and what they will do for space.

1. Artificial intelligent craft that fly themselves. I can point my finger at the craft and it will follow it while in flight. The craft can crash and rebuild itself automatically similiar to the reptiles crafts in the Star Wars fight over Alaska. Have you ever thought about trading reptiles skins for space suits? Reptiles and lizards do well under the heat of the sun.

2. Robot fleets will take over planets with Google beam system. Google will send out it's beam satellite to cover other planets territory. This is similiar to Google maps which layers out the earths landscape. The Google maps beam can monitor real life traffic flows here on earth so it can monitor life movement on other planets. Google will beam other planets spray images to round up the planet and send in robots to conquer. Earth will be the holy kingdom of the milky way.

3. Robots will be our friends to compete with us, leaving no kid alone or without a friend. Robots will become basketball players. Robots will beat us in sports until we induce nanobotsto make us stronger. Once we induce nanobots we will become Matrix like beings to defeat robots. This was never explored in the movie the Matrix. Normal humans may be conquered by those humans that induce nanobots and want to live forever. This or the government may begin secretly slipping the population nanobots.

4. Robots will take over all our businesses and do all our work for us.

5. Self automouse robot craft will take us deeper into space than ever before. People will begin searching for their home planet, the planet they came from before they were born on earth.

6. Caskets will be robots that fly. Dead people will be shipped off the planet and flown in flying caskets to their specified planets.

7. Artificial intelligent beings with make greater calculations than any human alive telling us more about the Universe than we have known before.

8. Mass robot armies will help us take over every planet we come across. Robots will battles beings on other planets like nephilim and dinausars.

9. Our robots may run against a more technological advanced society on another planet and be defeated.

10. Artificial intelligence will allows some of us on the planet to live forever.

Ever been to Denver Co.?

Have you ever been to Denver, Co.

Being a mobile tech developer I am always looking for cool techies, tech locations, business innovation, and WiFi hot spots to log online.

Did you know there are more cannabis dispensaries than coffee shops in Denver?  If you got it like me Denver is a huge coffee drinking city and now there a?......

Another thing you might not know about Denver Colorado is there are a ton of breweries.

Microbrews galore.

In my opinion Denver is one of the beer, marijuana and coffee capitals of the world.

I often search for a good coffee shop to sit in and connect online. I have dumped my laptop and tablet for a smartphone content creating extravaganza.

No they don't serve marijuana in the coffee shop, they serve marijuana next door. All you need is your I.d..

If you look for a good coffee shop there are two things I consider.

1. Do they have enough plug-ins for me to charge with the rest of the patrons?

2. Can I be comfortable for hours?

Some coffee shops like Starbucks are built small and want you to move in and out. The coffee shop paradigm is interesting and any coffee shop owner should think about the mobile device revolution and serving there customers with enough plugins and space to make them comfortable. A coffee shop with space, plugins and comfortability keeps me coming back.

Ever used ? It's a small attachment that hooks to your tablet or smartphone allows businesses or consumers to take credit cards. I see this card reader showing up a lot in coffee shops. It allows me to pay and then gives me an even number to tip like 50 cents, $1, $2 etc.

This thing is a tip machine!

Tipping has never been easier!

If your an employee that works on tips ask your employer to implement and watch your tips sky rocket. Giving people an even number to tip easily allows people to tip a buck on a three dollar cup of Joe. That is 25% of the total amount you receive.

Being a tech developer I often look for high tech businesses that implement innovative marketing techniques. The most innovative technique I have found is by a local restaurant in Boulder. They have a key pad they takes your name in number when you make your purchase. This make it so easy to build a mobile database of customer numbers. You'd be surprised that Denver is a big tech city yet you rarely see any businesses pushing mobile technology to build up a lead list. If you need help with this let me know. 

Boulder is only 30 minutes from Denver. There building a lightrail in between cities, a light rail is a nice, smooth, speed train.

I would buy a Bluetooth and WiFi transmitter and blast promotions. You can find some cool ones at 

You know that in Boulder they have a beam called Project Bluebeam, it's an environmentally friendly weaponry that sprays images. Boulders environmentally friendly huh...

You ever thought about spraying images into the ocean to lead fish and mammals to food and helping reproduction?

 Just a thought...

If your looking for a local business in Denver use Google maps. 

Here is my list of favorites.

1. Best bar: The View

2. Best coffee shop: Thump Coffee

3. Best place to eat: Whole Foods

4. Best video game place: 1up video game bar

5. Best gyms: 24 hour fitness and Lifetime fitness

6. Best time filler: Denver rent a bike

(You can rent bikes all over the city, if you want too really see the city, ride a bike.)

7. Coolest Gadget Store: Brookstone

8. Best mall to relax in: Cherry Creek Mall

(There are couches, chairs and tvs littered all throughout the mall to use and relax)

9. Best place to hike outside of Denver: Red Rocks is the closest, if you go up by Blackhawk you will find jewels nobody knows about with waterfalls.

One time I found a man that looks like he took a hooker hiking. Funny how people look for new places to get off.

10. Best place to mess around: 16th St. Mall.

This might not be everybodies favorite list but it could work for you.

Best place to find local events:

They also offer their own list of Best Of The Best.

Check it out if you want.

Somedays I'll spend the whole day in the park searching my mind for how to move forward building my business. One of the best ways is to get out of the house all day using my mobile device to build. If you struggle with your business, get out and away from that struggling energy. Get around people that are doing business. The fast pace of business will get you high again.

If your looking for like minded people in Denver I would try these three things.

1. Use to find locals.

2. Use Craigslist gigs to find partners.

3. Go to local business websites and inquire with them. You can probably get in contact with the owner.

Denver offers a program called Startup week. Google it, maybe you meet someone who can help you with your dreams. They offer networking events where you eat and drink for free. Denver is a great tech city.  

You know that Denver has some of the biggest web agencies in the world.

4 that are the top 100.

1. Clicks and Clients

2. High Point Search Marketing

3. Location3 Media

4. Fruition Internet Marketing

These agencies work on some of the biggest websites in the world.

Denver is full of crazy people. People that hustle the street all day showing off their talent. If you roll up to Boulder you will meet some of the weirdest and most eccentric people you can find. 

You know that Boulder was ranked the healthiest city in America.

You like Yoga? If you want you can go studio to studio trying there free classes to experiment with all types of yogic practices. I like Yoga. I like Bikram yoga and Power vinyasa...

If your search hard through Denver you can always find something interesting do to. 

If you go up by Golden you will find one of the best places to tube in the nation. If you go there on Fourth of July you will find the banks covered with people grilling and drinking. You can tube right past them. 

The picture below is from downtown near the Hard Rock restaurant. 

Ever played Auralux? One of coolest games in the app market.

Have you ever played the strategy game Auralux? 

It is game about plasma spuing planets that try to take over other planets.

You start with a planet that is spuing your color plasma and you try to send that plasma to other empty planets to get that planet spuing your plasma.

 The goal is to get all planets spuing your plasma.

 The trick is, there are other planets spuing different colored plasma that are competing against you for the same planets. It takes time for your planet to build up plasma, once you have enough plasma you send it to another planets to take it over. 

Once you send the plasma you built up to another planet it leaves the current planet vulnerable to attack until it builds up enough plasma to protect itself. 

The easy levels are easy, the hard levels are hard and require good rhythm to conquer all planets. 

If you don't have enough plasma control the other planets will quickly over take your planets.

 After searching through a ton of mobile app games, Auralux is a hidden gem.

 The simplicity of the game can keep you busy for hours.

Check out this game of strategy Auralux.

Waze driving app. Ever tried it?

Ever tried Waze app. It's a traffic app that Google just purchased for 1.1 billion to integrate into it's Google maps system. Waze lets you report speed cameras, traffic jams, police, accidents and other hazards on the road. This allows you to keep others updated on their driving route and the quickest route to their destination. It is somewhat user driven. Get it :)

If you also take a look at the above screen shot you can see that it has map chat. 
This allows you to chat with other drivers on the map to ask them question or notify them if you see something on the map. If you see someone on the map who is slowed by a traffic jam on your route, you can message him through map chat to see how bad the traffic jam is.

Check out Waze in the app market today.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Want to sell your house? Check out these techniques.

Want to sell your house?

1. Start a sms campaign to get numbers from people driving by who are interested in buying a house. When your done selling your house share the numbers with someone else trying to sell their house in your city.

2. Use to find area advertisement structures and billboards to advertise your house on.

3. Use Craigslist.

4. You could use photos of your house in mobile ads.

5. Use ppc ads to drive potential buyers to a basic landing page with photos of your house, a number to call you and a form to give you their contact information.

6. Use Facebook ads to target anybody looking for a house in your area.

7. Post some flyers locally.

8. Advertise in the local paper.

9. Put it on sell your house search directories.

Want to E-sign documents on your phone? Check out this app.

Check out this E-Signature mobile app.

A while back I was having trouble signing an NDA on my computer. Being a person who pushes for a more digital environment I didn't want to waste the time to print it out and fax back 10 documents.

I was looking for online e-sign program and couldn't figure it out. For some reason I could not sign the dang thing. Then next thing you know someone was screaming at my mind saying I do all that on my phone.


How can I download the emailed documents, sign them in the correct lines and then email them right back?

I went in search of this possibility in the app market and found a mobile app that could do the job, this was after I downloaded all the e-sign apps I could find. There's only five worth testing.

What E-sign app came out on top?

Significant Signature Capture.

This was the app that I found that could pull the job off.

For some reason I could not manage the documents in the other e-sign apps. I could not click the sign line, sign the document with my scribbly finger and then get the document sent back off.

Significant Signature Capture allowed me to pull this off. I could read the document, find the signature line, and place my signature on it and then get it sent off.

If you have never signed a document electronically through your mobile device I recommend trying it. It actually saved me more time and hassle then attempting to electronically sign the document on my computer.

Now is the time to attempt to do everything on your mobile device. I am coming closer and closer to doing it, thanks in part to all the great app developers that make it possible.

Download Significant Signature Capture today.